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For those of you in New York and Los Angeles who saw our film on PBS stations WNET-13, and KLCS please visit these locations for select Rowland Scherman photography.

NYC Soho Gallery
124 Prince Street
New York, NY 10012

Los Angeles Gallery
The Sunset Marquis Hotel Lobby
1200 Alta Loma Road
West Hollywood, CA 90069

MHG also offers 24-hour on-line ordering of Rowland Scherman fine art photo prints at

See Rowland Scherman's work on Cape Cod:
Jct. Rts 6a and 28 57 Route 6a
Orleans, MA

To learn more of Rowland Scherman's
Collection please visit

Daniel Byrnes
To learn more about musical contributor Daniel Byrnes please visit
To purchase Daniel Byrnes song "Fourth of July" from Eye on the Sixties, click this iTunes link.

AND—many people have inquired as to one scene in the film where Scherman is photographing an unusual structure on Cape Cod Bay in Truro. It's actually a very famous Mid-Century Modern private home designed by the late Jack Hall. This home was recently restored by the non-profit Cape Cod Modern House Trust under the direction of architect Peter McMahon. For more information on the CCMHT please visit

Read a REVIEW of "Eye on the Sixties" from this Connecticut publication, "Arts & Leisure". "With a keen sense of purpose, and a sincere respect for the subject, director Chris Szwedo beautifully describes a man’s journey as a photojournalist and the moments of time his camera captures. The result is a fascinating chance to revisit a momentous time in our nation’s history and to celebrate the art a camera can produce."

We gratefully acknowledge the following contributors to our Kickstarter campaign that will bring
EYE ON THE 60s to public television.

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